In 2011 Unified Management Solutions, LLC (UMS, LLC) was birthed from a need to help support entrepreneurs wanting to start local small businesses; based on their visions, drive and desire for self-sustainability through working independence.  These entrepreneurs, while dreaming large, felt challenged by the processes; licensing, formulating and the incorporating of their business; along with developing infrastructure, a brand and a corporate image.  Our founder was asked to lend support services to remove these obstacles and collaborate on developing the aspirations of these visionaries.  From a desire to help others achieve their goals evolved the purpose, founding, and structuring of

Unified Management Solutions, LLC.  


UMS LLC will partner in a collaborative relationship with our clients.  UMS, LLC seeks, within the small business and entrepreneurial marketplace, opportunities to support business growth, building relationships and enterprise development.  Our clients, while individual, will be served and benefit through the consolidation of resources; skills, relationships, and tools.  We will incorporate where possible, identified partnerships, materials, technology and intellectual property to benefit other clients.  We serve our clients creatively, proactively and efficiently.   Utilizing UMS, LLC’s resources, we will optimize our service delivery in business relationships through referrals, joint enterprise venture, resource development, recruitment, contractual agreements, consultation, education and training.

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